Our Approach

At Zuppshots, we believe that there’s a character in all of us.  A great photograph is made from light, shadow, the background, and the subject all combined in harmony to convey a story.  We believe that it is the subject’s character that brings all of the elements together to make a great photograph.  That’s why we want to get to know you, and what you want from your photo session with us before we even step into the studio.  We will discuss your needs ahead of the session, and then help you come up with ideas to tell your character’s story.

Once we know the story you want to tell, we will develop a plan for the session that meets your needs, so that when you arrive we can get right photographing the story you want to tell.  Some of what we will plan for is the location of the session, what to wear, any props you wish to bring, and the type of lighting.

At Zuppshots, when we shoot your session we will work with you to tell the story you want told, with you as the main character.  We want it to be fun and stress free for you so that you come away feeling great about your photos.  Let’s have fun bringing the character out in you during our session together.

Once the session is complete, we will take the many photos we took during the shoot, and we will pick only the best ones, to develop further using Adobe Lightroom software, Photoshop, and Google’s Nik Plugins to bring out your Hero Shots. Once your photographs are ready, we will meet with you and show you your amazing portraits, and you will be able to choose from one of our packages of 6, 12, or 18 matted photographs you can take home that day in a beautiful folio box.

It’s our belief that you should control the photos you choose to purchase.  Any photographs you choose to purchase will come with a digital photograph.  Any prints or digital files you purchase are yours to do with as you please.

Our Story

My journey into professional photography started during the winter of 2013.  I had spent the first three years of my daughter’s life being satisfied with taking photos with my smartphone and letting other photographers take the milestone pictures of her life (Birth, First Years, School Pictures).  I realized that the photos I was taking were going to be the catalogue of images my family would view their early childhood from. I longed for better photos taken than the simple ones taken on my phone.  I also longed for better pictures than I saw from the daycare photo shoots and the big box store photo booths.  They always felt less dynamic and interesting to me than I saw from other professionals on the internet.  I decided to invest in my first camera, and from the moment I released the shutter for the first time, I have never felt the same.  I became passionate about photography, and I began enjoying taking pictures of my Family, Landscapes, Architecture, and Aircraft.  I have learned a lot in the few short years since then, and my wife and family encouraged me to open Zuppshots to share my passion with you!

The Dude Behind The Camera

Chris Zupp, Photographer

Photographer Christopher “Chris” Zupp has a very deep and passiontate love for photography.  He has had many opportunities to take lots and lots of pictures of all the interesting places he has had a chance to visit.  From wanting to remember those wonderful trips, he started to grow even more passionate about the pictures he has taken.  He wanted to catalogue those pictures so that they would be a reminder of where he has been.  He developed a love for Adobe Lightroom and computerized more than 30,000 pictures that he has taken over the years.  As he looked through those pictures and compared the ones he took of his daughter to those of other professionals, he believed that he could do a better job than the standard retail photo studios.  He started to professionally photograph his children to find the spark that seeemed to be missing from those other “pro” pictures and Zuppshots became a reality.  Chris is a very charismatic guy who will put the fun into your photo sessions and his passion will give a better quality photo than the standard retail photo studios.