Come Discover the Character Within You

We all have characters within us, and it is my goal to bring out the best of your character in your photographs. With commissions starting at $500, you will spend a morning or afternoon with me and together we’ll make amazing photos in the studio, on location, or both.  We’ll work together to bring your vision to life throughout the session.  Within two weeks of the session I will meet with you and you will get to choose which of your amazing photographs you want to take home that day!  The photographs are already matted and they will come in a folio box that you can take home that same day.  You will also receive a digital copy of each photo you purchase.  Please see below the pricing for each of our levels.

Package Pricing

Each package below comes with your photographs matted for an 11 X 14 photo frame and a folio box to bring them home in.  You will receive a digital image for each photo you purchase to do with as you choose.

$500 – 6 Photos of your choice

$800 – 12 Photos of your choice

$1000 – 18 Photos of your choice

 Prices do not include tax.